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    CIA Academic Programs By Major

  • Choose the Major That’s Right for You

    The fabulous food world is so diverse, and CIA majors reflect that. There are always plenty of opportunities to cook or bake, but if food business or entrepreneurship is more your thing, there’s a career path for you too. Maybe you’re looking for innovative ways to take your culinary creations to the next level, or to change the way the world produces and consumes food. Or perhaps you want to host memorable food and beverage events. In any scenario, you’ll find the right match for you among CIA’s majors.

  • Academic Programs by Major - Culinary Arts

    Culinary Arts

    The kitchen is where you feel at home. Build the foundation for your culinary creativity, from cooking methods to flavor principles to butchery. You’ll learn about sustainability, wellness, responsible sourcing, world cultures and cuisines... knowledge every future-thinking food professional needs.

    Academic Programs by Major - Baking and Pastry Arts

    Baking and Pastry Arts

    Do you have that special combination of creativity and attention to detail? Learn the techniques, ingredient function, and design principles behind everything from puff pastry to baguettes to entremets—and then envision and create your unique versions. You’ll also learn to prepare savory fare perfect for your own café.

    Academic Programs by Major - Hospitality Management

    Hospitality Management

    Food and beverage is the heart of the hotel, entertainment, and travel experience. With critical business-focused hospitality skills, plus vital hands-on food and beverage experience, you’ll gain the distinct advantage to lead across all aspects of hospitality—from the business and hotel end of operations, to food and event planning.

    Academic Programs by Major - Food Business

    Food Business

    Success in food depends not only on inspired cooking and baking, but also your understanding of business. Whether you want to excel in a company or start one of your own, you need industry-specific knowledge in leadership, marketing, human resources, finance, and more.

    You can’t have a great restaurant or food operation without a robust beverage program. In this major, you’ll gain the know-how and confidence to run such a program and be invaluable for your wine and beverage expertise.

    Academic Programs by Major - Food Studies

    Food Studies and Sustainability

    Want to use your passion for food to make a difference? Gain a deep understanding of the cultural, environmental, economic, ethical, and social forces affecting our food systems and the leadership skills necessary to innovate and create impact at any level—local to global.

    Academic Programs by Major - Culinary Science

    Culinary Science

    Innovative ideas and the ability to turn out a consistently superior product are essential for cooking at the highest level or creating the next big thing in food. With a deep, technique-based understanding of your ingredients, and the most kitchen hours of any CIA major, you’ll be equipped to do more inventive and delicious things.

    CIA’s School of Graduate Studies offers master’s programs that include a unique combination of convenient online lessons plus in-person residences with invaluable real-world networking opportunities. You’ll be prepared to create meaningful change in a range of food industry areas.
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