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  • Educators—Bring CIA Expertise to Your Students

    Support for High School Culinary Arts Teachers and Guidance Counselors

    We know you’re as committed as we are to helping students learn and succeed—and we’d like to help you. Here are some education resources from CIA to spark a passion in your students for culinary arts and pursuing careers in the food industry.

    Whether for use in the classroom or simply for handing out to interested students, these materials are perfect for the aspiring young chef or food professional in your school.

    Please share, and let your students know about CIA. The knowledge and skills they’ll gain here—along with the food-focused, full collegiate experience they’ll enjoy—will prepare them for an amazing life of food. And that CIA degree they’ll carry with them into the workforce is the most respected education credential in the business.

    “As an alumna of CIA’s undergraduate program, I already had a deep passion for the culinary industry. When I decided to continue a path of higher education and pursue my dreams of teaching culinary arts and history, I was confident CIA’s online master’s program would give me the tools and networking opportunities to achieve my goals.” —Michelle Mallett ’08/’23

    Michelle Mallett ’08/’23
  • CIA’s Educational Materials Are Perfect for the Classroom

  • CIA Professional Development On-Demand

    Watch and learn as CIA faculty members share their expertise and then try it in the classroom!


    CIA Professional Development—Versatile Flat Breads

    Join Chef Genvieve Meli ’05 as she covers how to teach flat bread baking with a focaccia dough demonstration! Focaccia is one of the oldest breads in Italy’s history. Watch, learn, then try it in the classroom!

    Get the recipe


    CIA Professional Development—Olive Oil: How to Build a Tasting in the Classroom

    Join Chef Sean Kahlenberg ’04 as he covers how to teach Physiology of Taste with an olive oil tasting. This demonstration will not only help you define and understand taste but also challenge you to find different flavor notes from six common olive oil brands. Watch, learn, and then try it in the classroom!

    Want more? Check out our on-demand library of past professional development videos.

  • Recommended Culinary Textbooks

    Our outstanding lineup of comprehensive culinary textbooks includes:

    Math for the Professional Kitchen, 1st Edition

    This book contains step-by-step methods for understanding math in the kitchen and using it appropriately.


    Introduction to Culinary Arts

    This book provides everything needed to teach the culinary arts to high school students. More than 100 hands-on culinary skills are highlighted that include general procedures and techniques.

  • Earn Your Master’s Degree Online

    Is there a master’s degree in your future? If you’re a culinary educator who is planning to get your graduate degree, our accredited online master’s in Food Business with a specialization in Strategy/Management has the credentials and convenience you’re looking for. With a flexible online format—earn your degree while working—and a curriculum tailored to the food industry, you’ll get the qualifications you need to prepare the next generation of culinary professionals. Perfect for culinary educators like you.

    High School Counselors Info Session

    Learn more about culinary college must-haves, from mouth-watering academics to résumé-building experiences, perfect ingredients—the ideal CIA applicant, and everything CIA can offer your student. Plus, a special Pan Seared Salmon demo and recipe. Download the recipe >
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