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    CIA Food Studies and Sustainability Programs

  • Lead the Food World into the Future

    You can make a difference in the world through your love for food. As the food world evolves, we need people who understand how sustainability, planetary health, policy, ethics, and diversity are directly connected to our food systems. The world—and the food industry—is looking for the next generation of leaders to bring reform, influence mindsets, and lead us into a sustainable future. No other college gives you the culinary lens offered by CIA—a unique and invaluable perspective to have while working with those who grow, distribute, prepare, serve, and impact the broader community through food. Turn your passion into action with CIA.

    Bachelor’s in Applied Food Studies - CIA Farm

    Bachelor’s in Applied Food Studies

    A forward-thinking program that will give you applicable real world-experience—paid internships, travel abroad experiences, hands-on field work—and theoretical know-how in a broad range of topics essential to our modern food world, from food policy understanding to plant-forward concepts to food ethics.

    The only graduate-level program exploring sustainability issues from a culinary lens, and only offered from . Featuring a primarily online format designed for working professionals who want to help solve the complex social, environment, and economic factors shaping the world’s current food systems while advancing their career.

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  • Dr. Maureen Costura, CIA Assistant Professor—Liberal Arts, CIA applied food studies

    Faculty Spotlight

    Dr. Maureen Costura
    Professor—Liberal Arts
    Learn more about Dr. Maureen Costura, faculty member at CIA.
    Anne M. Henry, CIA Associate Professor—Writing and Communications

    Faculty Spotlight

    Anne M. Henry
    Associate Professor—Writing and Communications
    Learn more about Anne M. Henry, associate professor at the CIA.
  • Our worldwide partnerships provide students with access to the highest quality, premium ingredients—like truffles and in-house dry-aged beef.