• How to Apply to CIA ACAP certificate
  • How to Apply for the CIA Accelerated Culinary Arts Certificate Program (ACAP)

    The Accelerated Culinary Arts Certificate Program (ACAP) is designed for students who already have a bachelor’s degree and have a serious interest in advancing their culinary knowledge.

    1. Complete the application form.

    2. Request official transcripts.

    • Download the Transcript Request Form (PDF) and ask the postsecondary schools (colleges) you’ve attended to provide your transcripts electronically via Parchment Exchange or mail your official transcripts (not student copies) directly to the CIA Admissions Office.
    • For applicants with foreign (non-U.S.) transcripts: We require academic transcripts to be sent to us in English, and SpanTran is our recommended translation service. If you need to have your transcript translated into English, you can request their service here: .

      Additionally, while Foreign Credential and Transcript Evaluation is not required for your CIA application, SpanTran offers this service as well. If you wish to have your transcript evaluated by an external provider (optional) and sent to the CIA Admissions Office, you can access their application here at a discounted rate: .

    3. Submit an essay.

    • Submit a personal statement (300–500 words) describing: your purpose for undertaking or continuing your study of culinary arts; your reasons for wanting to study at the CIA; and your professional plans and career goals. You also may explain any special circumstances applicable to your background and elaborate on relevant academic or professional achievements.

    4. Ask for a recommendation.

    • One letter of recommendation is required. It may be from the dean/director of the degree program from which you will be graduating or have graduated or from another professional who can speak to your passion or talent for the culinary arts. Submit our , or you can provide CIA Admissions with your recommender’s contact information and we will contact them for a verbal recommendation.

    5. Provide a copy of your résumé or CV.

    That’s it! You’re on your way to enrolling at the CIA! Once our admissions staff has reviewed your application and supporting materials, we’ll contact you if anything else is needed.