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    CIA Online Bachelor’s Degree in Food Business Leadership

  • A New Online Bachelor’s Degree for CIA Associate Graduates Only

    Looking for a promotion? Ready to advance your career? Let's make it happen. You’ve got the fundamentals and hands-on kitchen skills. Now master the business side of food, enhance your career, and boost your earning potential with CIA’s online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Food Business Leadership.

    °Őłó±đ°ů±đ’s no better way to turn your CIA associate degree into a bachelor’s! With convenient, accessible part-time study, you’ll advance your career while you work—at your own pace. This online bachelor's program is designed specifically for CIA associate degree alumni with at least four years of full-time, progressive work experience after graduating. You’ll gain advanced knowledge from the same world-class faculty that mentored you before, and make essential connections with business leaders that you’ll carry with you throughout your career.

    Whether you want to become a leader outside the kitchen or lead a kitchen, you’ll be fully prepared to grow your career with this online bachelor's degree.


    • Benefit from the convenience of a curriculum that’s 100% online—you can earn your bachelor’s degree without interrupting your work schedule.
    • Get the comprehensive, food business-specific skills you need to become a next-level leader and prepare for what’s coming in the food world.
    • Explore career-relevant topics such as economics, sustainability of food systems, and key principles of business leadership—all vital to your future advancement and success.
    • Learn from the same dedicated, industry-savvy instructors who guided you through your associate degree.
    • Apply up to 30 transfer credits from a college other than CIA to complete your degree even faster.
    • Grow your earning power—per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, bachelor’s grads earn nearly 42% more weekly than those with associates.

    Curious to know more? View the most Frequently Asked Questions about this exciting program.

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    Take Your Place as a Leader

    The food industry is bursting with opportunities and looking for leaders. Couple that with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report that bachelor’s degrees lead to 42% more weekly earnings than associates, and you can see why this food business leadership program is so vital to your career.

    It’s the ideal formula for success. Greater opportunity + greater earning potential = an amazing food business career. And with your CIA bachelor’s degree in hand, you’ll have plenty of next-level leadership paths to choose, in areas such as:

    • Food and beverage management
    • Corporate foodservice
    • Restaurants and catering
    • Hotels and resorts
    • School foodservice
    • And so much more!

    So many possibilities—and our staff will continue to help you every step of the way. °Őłó±đ°ů±đ’s no network like the CIA network, and yours will grow even wider with your bachelor’s degree.

    You’ve already joined the ranks of who are making a difference in every segment of the industry. Now it’s time to take your place as an influential leader in the food world.


    The 60-credit BBA in Food Business Leadership includes:

    • 30 credits in liberal arts requirements
    • 30 credits in business leadership requirements

    You will get a carefully designed mix of in-depth food- and beverage-focused management, business, and liberal arts courses that build on CIA’s renowned culinary or baking and pastry arts core.

    Requirements for Admission

    • An associate degree in culinary arts or baking and pastry arts from Â鶹ĘÓƵ—You must have graduated from CIA at least four years ago, and have four years of full-time work experience with progressive levels of responsibility after graduation.

    In addition to the steps listed on our how to apply page, online bachelor's degree applicants must also provide a résumé or CV.

    How to Apply

    Culinary School Costs

    The online bachelor’s degree program in Food Business Leadership is a part-time program where students typically take 6–9 credits per semester. It’s a great opportunity for CIA alumni to earn their bachelor’s degree without the additional costs of housing, meal plans, and other on-campus fees.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • No—it’s 100% online. The BBA degree program has been specifically designed for distance delivery only. Students can complete the program from any location with an Internet connection.
    Yes—While the academic rigor of the online BBA degree program does require commitment, we believe the workload and pacing will allow most students to achieve a reasonable work/life/study balance. Students will be enrolled part-time with the flexibility to take one to three 3-credit-hour courses per semester. Courses will be delivered in either a seven-week or 15-week format. Study time is flexible; students can spread class work across multiple short study sessions or fewer blocks of longer duration to meet their schedule needs. Some of the courses may require simultaneous participation from enrolled students. Assignments and associated timelines will vary by course and be clearly outlined in the syllabus provided at the start of each course.
    No—You must have completed an associate degree from CIA to be admitted to this program.
    Yes—To be considered for enrollment in this online bachelor's program, you must provide evidence of four years of progressive work experience after you earned your associate degree from CIA.
    This program is specifically designed to fit your life. Set your own pace—or even change pace as the demands of your life change. You can take anywhere from three to nine credits per semester as you work toward the 60-credit total. Have transfer credits from another college? You can complete the degree even faster!
    Each of the core online courses will be taught by CIA full-time and adjunct faculty who are experts in their fields. Most coursework is offered in an asynchronous delivery, meaning that students can work on the material at any time that fits their schedule, but still need to adhere to the structure of assignments, interactions, and evaluations. There will be a few courses that will require class meetings/sessions at a set time/day.
    Within the online platform (Moodle), faculty can set up many kinds of student interactions between faculty and a student, and between students. Examples include online group chats, forums, announcements, group discussion boards, and workshops.
  • Questions? CIA Student Ambassadors Can Help! Chat now.

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    School of Business and Management

    The food-focused business education offered through the School of Business and Management is unprecedented—this level of high-end food, beverage, and hospitality instruction is not found in any MBA program. The depth of research and experience provided by our expert faculty delivers industry-relevant learning ideal for today’s ever-expanding food world. These instructors have helped shape the advancement of foodservice and hospitality into the global business model we see today. Students also have access to leading food business professionals who share their insights. Learn more about our faculty >
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    Become an influential leader in the food business with this leading-edge online bachelor of business administration degree program, with courses that may surprise you.

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