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    Meet the Student Financial and Registration Services Team

  • We’re Here to Help You!

    The CIA’s Student Financial and Registration Services Team is here to help you receive the best financial aid package available. Reach out to us with any questions or concerns—from how to file your FAFSA to questions about your aid package. Please use the tool below to find your personal planner—then schedule an appointment, reach out by phone, or send an e-mail. Let’s get started!

    Jeanine Gemmell
    Director—Student Financial Planning

  • Prospective Students

    Find Your Personal Financial Aid Planner

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    Want to send a general question? E-mail us at SFRS@culinary.edu or call 845-451-1500.

    Accepted Students

    All students accepted by Â鶹ĘÓƵ are assigned a Student Financial Planner who will follow them throughout their degree program to answer any questions about financial aid, billings, loans, and scholarships. To find out who your planner is, simply visit your financial self-service page, accessed through the student portal. Once you are on your Financial Aid Checklist page, you can see your Student Financial Planner at the bottom of the checklist.