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    CIA Meal Plans in New York

    A CIA Educational Dining Experience

  • The CIA Meal Plan: Part of a 360° Culinary Education

    Within CIA’s living learning lab, you acquire skills not only to produce—but also to dine—from the educational production kitchens. In turn, you learn by expanding your palate, experiencing a wide range of global cuisines, and evaluating your peers’ work.

    This hands-on dining experience will help you to focus the future direction of your culinary education—where you will eventually be in those production classes creating meals for other students.

    Students’ daily patronage of production kitchens helps CIA to achieve educational goals for all students—cooks and diners—and promotes sustainable food practices by reducing waste.

    Meal Plan Options

    CIA Meal Plan
    1,400 Meal Points
    325 Gold Points

    Total Points: 1,725

    Good Value:
    $2,230 per semester
    Required for all students
    Meal Plan PLUS
    More Flexibility:
    1,400 Meal Points
    650 Gold Points

    Total Points: 2,050

    Better Value:
    325 more Gold Points for just $335 more per semester
    Meal Plan ULTIMATE
    Most Flexibility:
    1,400 Meal Points
    1,000 Gold Points

    Total Points: 2,400

    Best Value:
    675 more Gold Points, just $665 more per semester

    Please note, you can add more Gold Points to your account at any time.

    • Blue Points are good for any production kitchen in Roth Hall (Grab-and-Go in Roth Hall, The Line, Pasta and Noodle Bar, or Salad Bar at The Egg and select items in the Marketplace at The Egg).
    • Green Points are good for any production kitchen, similar to blue points, but also other locations in The Egg such as the CafĂ© and the Innovation Kitchen, as well as campus restaurants at approved times.
    • Gold Points are good for any production kitchen, similar to blue points, but also include The “Yolk,” The Innovation Kitchen, or Barista Station at The Egg and all campus restaurants at approved times.
    • Freshmen receive all Blue Points and may dine only in the production kitchens listed.
    • Sophomores and juniors receive 50% Blue Points and 50% Green Points, to be used in the areas indicated above.
    • Seniors receive 100% Green Points and can dine in all of the venues listed at any time.

    Note that on-campus meals are not available on days when the campus is closed, such as extended winter and summer intersessions. Point expiration also varies depending on meal plan and class level. Please call 845-905-4518 for more information.

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