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    CIA Accelerated Culinary Arts Certificate Program (ACAP)

  • Know the Kitchen, Advance Your Career

    You have the passion for food and the desire for career growth. Now all you need is the culinary knowledge to bring it all together. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, you can advance your career with CIA’s Accelerated Culinary Arts Certificate Program (ACAP). In just 30 weeks at CIA’s California Campus in the Napa Valley, you’ll gain advanced new skills and insight into the workings of the professional kitchen in the best way possible—hands-on, with the guidance of our industry-experienced faculty.


    • Grow your career options alongside classmates who have a bachelor’s degree and share your culinary passion.
    • Learn the culinary fundamentals, from knife skills to sauces to palate development.
    • Explore flavor dynamics, ingredient function, baking and pastry, and healthy cooking techniques.
    • Prepare a variety of world cuisines from Asia, the Americas, and the Mediterranean.
    • Practice batch cookery, Ă  la carte-style service, and a variety of cooking methods.
    • Cook with the bounty of California’s Napa Valley and make professional connections with the region’s visionary leaders.
    • Earn the credential that primes you to step into any kitchen, work with suppliers, and lead professionals across the foodservice industry.

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    A Savory Future

    If you have a passion for food, adding culinary knowledge and skills to your degree can help diversify your skill set and make you more desirable to industry employers.

    CIA’s ACAP program can open doors to many exciting fields, including:

    • Restaurant Manager
    • Food Technology
    • Guest Services
    • Nutrition Consultant
    • Food Service Management
    • Culinary Education
    • Food Media Professional
    • Culinary or Food Science
    • Marketing
    • Baking or Pastry Chef
    • Sous Chef

    With so many possibilities, our staff is ready to help you every step of the way. There’s no network like the CIA network, which includes some of the world’s most renowned culinary, beverage, and hospitality experts.

    is as diverse as it is extensive. They’ve found success doing what they love. Now it’s your turn.


    The 30-week Accelerated Culinary Arts Certificate Program (ACAP) includes:

    • 30 credits in culinary arts requirements

    In the ACAP, you will learn the culinary arts fundamentals—cooking methods, flavor development, fabrication techniques, world cuisines, baking and pastry, and more—that will give you a hands-on understanding of the professional kitchen and expand your career opportunities.


    • This accelerated program is designed for individuals who possess a bachelor’s degree and have a serious interest in advancing their culinary knowledge.
    • Students will study full-time and in-person at at both CIA at Copia in downtown Napa, and CIA Greystone in St. Helena, with student support services provided at our a California campus.

    How to Apply

    Culinary School Costs

    CIA is very committed to making your CIA education as affordable as possible. Our costs are comparable to similar colleges, and here’s even better news—more than 90% of our students receive some form of financial aid.

    Don’t let applying for financial assistance keep you from going to the world’s premier culinary college. No matter what your individual circumstances are, we will work with you to help make attending CIA an affordable investment in your future in the world of food.

  • Learn by Doing

    CIA Students Get Hands-on Experience by Olive Harvesting in the Napa Valley

    It’s within reach. Olive harvesting in the Napa Valley is the perfect example of the hands-on learning you’ll find in CIA accelerated culinary arts certificate program.
  • Cool Courses You’ll Take…

    Cool Courses in Accelerated Culinary Arts Certificate

    “Heat it up” in the kitchen in CIA accelerated culinary arts certificate program, with courses that may surprise you.

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    Tyler Gelrud, Associate Director—AdmissionsTyler Gelrud
    Associate Director—Admissions

    Specializes in assisting certificate program students

  • Caroline Lynch, accelerated culinary arts certificate alum, now designer culinologist/food scientist

    Alumni Spotlight

    Caroline Lynch Gador '08
    Senior Manager, Research and Innovation, Danone
    “I know for a fact that my CIA education has gotten me to where I am today.”
    Jaime Lepe, CIA accelerated culinary arts program alumni, is catering manager for Mexico Lindo and Tropical Mexico.

    Alumni Spotlight

    Jaime Lepe ’08
    Catering Manager, Mexico Lindo and Tropical Mexico
    “I spoke with some people who attended the CIA, and they sounded so excited about the ACAP curriculum. And they all had great jobs right after school.”
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    CIA graduates join the food world’s most powerful alumni network with over 50,000 food industry leaders and change makers.
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